Hello world!

I’m not going to tell you my name, because it doesn’t much matter.  Nor where I live, nor what I do, nor..really anything there.

I’ll tell you what I need to tell you and that’ll do, pig, that’ll do.

I’m about to turn twenty this year.  (MILESTONE.  Scary.)  In April.  And even though it’s only December now, I want to get a headstart.  A jump on the new year, if you will.

I’ve made a set of resolutions, like I always do.  (Like most of the English speaking world does, though I’ve no real idea why.)  Resolutions…as is there nature, rarely get followed by the ones who resolve them.  Midway through they year they just get..well, sort of lost.  And then no-one picks up again the next December and says ‘yes, I’ve seen all my resolutions through and am a better person for it.’

I want to change that.

I want to follow my resolutions through until the very end, to actually see some sort of change in myself, to be the person I want to be rather than the person I am.

It only takes a month to learn a habit, really.  So I’m thinking if I can keep up the blogging and the resolutioning until February, I’ll be on Golden Pond.

I’ll be blogging about it here.  (And yep, blogging is a resolution.  I always start it with the best of intentions and then just spiral completely downhill.  Always.)  Follow if you’d like, comment on my resolution-posts with encouragement, tips, what have you (I hope you will, really) and we’ll see how far this thing goes.


If you’re curious, a full list of my resolutions can be found on the resolutions tab.

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Hello world!

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